North Sumatra Government Efforts to Decrease Digital Divide

Senin, 12 September 2016

All efforts have been done North Sumatra Government with stake holders to decrease digital divide. Planning to build 100 villages digital (Kampoeng digital), 20 tourism village digital ( Kampoeng wisata digital), 150 school on line, 100 mosque digital, 100 government community digital, 10 library digital and 100 small medium enterprise center have been implemented one by one.

One of region, called Terang Bulan village ( Kampoeng Terang Bulan) have been implementing successfully North Sumatra Government idea. Terang Bulan Village take is not far from Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, about 17 km.

Terang Bulan is only remote village with 500 populations with varieties ethnic, domination Javanese, karonese, bataknese, and padang. The populations have varieties profession, as farmer, employer, publish service, teacher, small medium enterprise.

To find education is difficult there, take 1,5 km for Elementary school, and junior high school and one must go out village to attend senior high school.

Brilliants idea, remote villages that have not telephone network, to build wireless tower point to point, in order to access internet. The young generations worked together, to achieve their dreaming.

The simple infrastructure, create many entrepreneurs from the village,

1.They begin to learn how to use internet, browsing email and searching strategies.

2. Create e commerce and selling village products.

3.Training web design for empower skill.

Using internet, they begin to know how to market on net and create net entrepreneurs. Finally, they must know the internet marketing strategies. We can make conclusion that the entrepreneurs can begin from very small remote village.

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