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Senin, 12 September 2016

Do you want a beautiful and brilliant holiday? Would you like excitement and exotic surroundings on your vacation? Enliven a great holiday with the spirit of freedom and the vibrancy of a beautiful island where tourists can stay in great accommodation rooms and absorb the craft of leisure. Evolving in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia, Paket Wisata KarimunJawa is a free trade zone and is a part of the Sijori Growth Triangle. With myriad things to do and see, Batam leads tourists to enjoy the Melur Beach in Galang, the Buddhist temple of Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, the Mesjid Raya or Grand Mosque, Nongsa Beach, enjoy the seafood and a gamut of cuisines.

Visitors can enjoy the famous Waterfront City in Batam with its exciting sea sports, water activities, attractions with swimming, fishing pond, go-karting and football. As a hot and happening tourist destination, the Waterfront City also displays jet-skiing, cable ski park, water slides, jumps and rides on banana boats. As another sightseeing attraction, the Bareland Islands are connected by six stunning 2-kilometer long bridges that connect the Galang Baru Island, the Rempang, Galang and the Tonton Nipah. As another interesting feature, the Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge connecting Tonton Island and Batam has also impressed visitors while the Ngha Trang Memorial Wall as a tribute to the boat people of Vietnam on Galang Island has attracted many holidaymakers.

Explore Exciting Attractions

As an interesting aspect, the Ocarina Park or Kawasan Wisata Ocarina and Ocarina Waterpark which is close to the Batam Center Ferry Terminal have drawn many families to enjoy its attractions. The Ocarina Park evolves with restaurants with a delicious range of cuisines, a huge ferris wheel, a water park, a 3d movie theater and other dynamic carnival attractions. Batam with its haven for golfers showcases greens where championships have been played. Tourists can go shopping at the many malls or go island hopping on ferry rides to the Sumatra mainland, Kijang Bintan Island and Tanjung Uban.

With a great nightlife, fine dining and innumerable places to see, Batam displays its places of worship with the Vihara Buddhi Bhakti Temple or the Tua Pek KongTemple and theAdhi Vinayakar Hindu Temple. Visitors can have an afternoon of relaxation and entertainment in the movie theatres at Studio 21 and the XXI Cineplex Movie Theatre or admire the Kampung Jabi, Cetya Tri Darma Pagoda, explore the age-old Japanese Cemetery and view Tumenggung Abdul Jamal's Tomb.

Have a Fabulous Fun Holiday in Batam

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